About Us

Kalmed Manufaktur Indonesia is a medical devices manufacture which is focus to produce the best product to our customer.

We commited to given continuous inovated and developed product accordance to Indonesia health needs. The quality of products and services is our key point to contribute in health and medical services in Indonesia.


Being the best medical devices manufacturing company in Indonesia, producing many innovative products and beneficial for society environment.

  • Providing excellent service with supported by competent human
  • Producing medical product and provide the best products to meet
    the people needs.
  • Develop the resources in a sustainable to increase professionalism to
    customer satisfaction.
  • Commitment and provide the best value for all parties concerned.

Our expertise

We provide one solution high quality Medical devices product as:

  1. Surgical Supplies
  2. Durable Supplies
  3. Dental Supplies
  4. Steriles Supplies
  5. Patient care Supplies


We have over 42,000 product distribution, which means we have one of the industry's strongest portfolios. Our global team of researchers is constantly improving today’s healthcare technology.